Do you have Impostor Syndrome? (GutwiZdom Episode-027)

This week Deidre and JG discuss “The Impostor Syndrome” with special guest, John Graden!



John Graden is an award-winning martial arts world champion and an author of many books including The Impostor Syndrome: How to Replace Self-Doubt with Self-Confidence and Train Your Brain for Success. This week, John taught our listeners about the Impostor Syndrome and provided us with some of his own wiZdoms!


Some inspirational quotes from John:


  • “You have more opportunity than anyone in the history of planet earth. Why waste the best country with self-imposed excuses?”
  • “Choose your stress wisely.”
  • “Learn to accept progress over perfection. Get on with it. Develop a sense of urgency about your success and attack!”
  • “One thing the martial arts has taught me is that there is a technique for everything. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel when you model the success of people who are where you want to be.”

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  • Overcome self-doubt: This requires self-acceptance. You don’t have to attain perfection to be worthy of your success or the accolades you’ve received!
  • Own your successes: You didn’t just get “lucky” – many high achievers tend to focus on what they haven’t done versus what they have accomplished.
  • Don’t compare yourself to other people: Sometimes we all fall into the trap of comparing the weaknesses we think we have and the strengths we think that only others have.
  • Don’t let fear take over your mindset: Playing it safe keeps us in a place of never really knowing how capable and deserving we are of success!
  • Forget the fear – think courage: Have the courage to make a commitment to do something, and then build your capacity of doing it well and *poof* you get confidence.
  • Self-awareness: Know what your innate strengths and unique abilities are – we all have them!
  • Don’t under-estimate the destructive power of self-doubt: Often times it’s the only thing that stands between where we are and where we want to be!
  • Identify the source of your self-doubt: Get to the root! Those feelings are there for us to be found… and faced… and uprooted!
  • Print out a little picture of a stop sign: Keep it with you, or where you can see it. Every time self-doubt starts to creep in – acknowledge that it’s there – and then stop yourself and say “Stop! I’m not going down this road with myself and this self-doubt again.”
  • Remember you aren’t a failure just because you experienced something that failed: If you take chances, which we all should, expect that some are not going to be the wins we strived for. Practice looking at what you learned from the failed experience


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