Move over Millennials! Gen Z is here! (GutwiZdom Episode-028)

Generation Z is about to enter the workforce. Father and Son David and Jonah Stillman join Deidre and JG to discuss this up-and-coming generation.



David and Jonah Stillman are a father-son speaking team and authors of Gen Z at Work: How the Next Generation is Transforming the Workplace. David and Jonah conducted three national studies to learn more about Gen Z, their attitudes about work, how to motivate them, and shed a light on how to manage this new generation.


More information about David, Jonah, and their book can be found at



    • Adaptation is a two-way street: While it is important for businesses to adapt to the needs of the new generation, it is important for Gen Z to realize that they may need to also adapt to the ways of the workforce.
      • Each generation is different: One generation is not better than the other, they are simply different. The way Gen Z gets things done is going to be different from Gen X, but they can both be successful.
        • Embrace Gen Z’s desire to win: Gen Z’s competitive nature is something that should be treasured in the workforce. Competition can be healthy and it is not a trait that is easy to come by.
          • Using behavioral analytics in the workplace: Analytics help us understand the way people think, how they take action, and what their strengths are. Leveraging this information helps to build strong and successful teams across generations.



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