How to “build your house” and achieve your goals (GutwiZdom Episode 046)


Brian Moran joins Deidre & JG to discuss long-term goal planning and achievement.

Brian Moran is an entrepreneurship and small business expert. He helps business owners start, manage, and grow their businesses. Part of being a successful business owner is learning how to set and achieve goals that might be hard to reach.


Brian uses a concept that he calls “building your house.” He believes that we each have a house that represents who we are as a person. This house has five floors, four cornerstones, and a foundation.


To find out what the cornerstones of your house are, think of four words that describe you at your core. These words should represent who you are and who you aspire to be. Once you have your four words, ask 15-20 people to describe you in four words. The words that match, or are synonyms, fill in the foundation of your house. If they don’t match, re-think your words and be proactive. “Am I living the life I intended for myself?” A person with a solid foundation will live a purposeful and principled life and will be able to make tough decisions without hesitation.


The five floors of your house represent where you spend your time. They are:


  • 1st floor: You and your partner or spouse
  • 2nd floor: Your family and friends
  • 3rd floor: Your career
  • 4th floor: Your community
  • 5th floor: Religion or spirituality




  • When goal setting, proactively look at each floor and ask yourself, “where do I want to be in 1 year, 5 years, or 10 years” and create a plan.
  • Think about where you are now and where you want to be, then set specific, measurable, and attainable goals for each floor.
  • Take one action towards your goal each week and start out with the urgent and important tasks first.
  • When we’re overwhelmed, we tend to focus on the everyday or nonessential tasks that consume our time and get in the way of our goals. It’s all about time management. If you manage your time to get the most out of life, you won’t be stuck spending too much time on one floor and ignoring the others.
  • Don’t spend your life stuck on one floor without opening any others.


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