Resilience (GutwiZdom Episode 050)


Joel Mahan joins GutwiZdom this week to discuss resilience and recovering from crisis.

Resilience is our personal ability to recover from crisis or difficulties and how we best spring back from something that’s knocked us down. GutwiZdom listener and television industry veteran, Joel Mahan, joined Deidre and JG this week to offer his “wiZdoms” and share his personal stories of resilience.


This amazing episode is full of personal stories from Deidre and JG as well along with laughs, and of course, WIZDOM! Here are just a few below, but listen to the episode for more!




  • Manage your emotions. Keeping fear and negativity in check will help you to stay positive and keep going!
  • Believe in yourself. Chances are, this isn’t your first rodeo. If you’ve done it before you can do it again.
  • Look at the crisis you’re faced with. When we pause, take a step back, and really look at the situation, it will give us time to develop a plan.
  • Be accountable. Accountability for our actions helps us see what it is that we can control, and what we can’t.
  • Practice gratitude. Think about all of the positive things in your life and strive for progress not perfection.
  • Be receptive to other’s ideas. Find a mentor that can coach you through situations where your resilience is being tested.
  • Ask for help when you need it. Asking for help should not be seen as a sign of weakness. Make challenging experiences a team effort.
  • Be creative. In times of crisis, create your success by making a plan, with goals, and sticking to it.


How do you know if you’re resilient and what can you do to strengthen it? Take our quiz below to find out!



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