You Matter Marathon


Cheryl Rice joined Deidre and JG this week to discuss the You Matter Marathon which requires no running!


How can you can make a small difference in someone’s life with one small gesture and two small words? The You Matter Marathon is a global kindness and community building program that is all about creating connections and spreading kindness, compassion, and happiness.


Participants are invited to give out small cards during the month of November that read the words, You Matter, to spread the message that the person receiving the card is important, loved, and appreciated. Giving out the cards helps to build the factors in our lives that lead to flourishing, expressing gratitude, engagement, and positivity.


Cheryl’s background is in positive psychology, which is the foundation that the You Matter Marathon is built. Positive psychology is a science that looks at the factors that lead to well-being and thriving in life, like having positive emotions and positive relationships, as opposed to traditional psychology, which looks at pathology and mental illness. Giving out You Matter cards are micro-moments of positivity, for the receiver as well as the giver. All of positive psychology boils down to the idea that “other people matter.”


Cheryl held the first marathon in November 2016 and had participants in all 50 states and from 59 countries. Over half a million You Matter cards were given out last year and Cheryl expects to double that this year! To get involved, go to, watch the short video, and sign up to received your free You Matter cards!




  • Tell other people they matter. It matters to them and it also matters to you.
  • Make sure you’re finding time in your life to listen to your inner voice.
  • Find people you can have nourishing relationships with.


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