Self-Esteem WiZdoms

Psychologist, Dr. Glenn Doyle returns to GutwiZdom to chat about the myths and mystery about self-esteem!

What is self-esteem? There are plenty of myths and misconceptions about what it means to have high self-esteem. It’s different from self-confidence, competency, egotism, and narcissism.


Self-esteem is comprised of two concepts:

  • Worthiness: The feeling that we deserve good things to happen to us in our lives and that we have value as a human being.
  • Efficacy: The feeling that we can handle whatever life throws at us.


Dr. Glenn Doyle joined us this week to provide his “wiZdoms” an educate listeners on what it means to have high self-esteem and how to improve it. Dr. Doyle is a licensed psychologist, the Founder and Director of The Doyle Practice in Chicago and Washington DC, and the author of the self-development blog, You can find Dr. Doyle on Facebook and at his new site,!


Dr. Doyle shared with us the six pillars of self-esteem, (as defined by Dr. Nathaniel Branden’s concepts on self-esteem), below!




  1. The practice of living consciously. Our decision to think or not to think, to engage with the world around us or to operate on auto pilot. It’s very hard to build high self-esteem if we’re living passively. Make the choice to live consciously.

  3. The practice of self-acceptance. If we are always trying to please other people or live up to other’s expectations, it’s difficult to build up your self-esteem when you are denying or disowning parts of yourself. You need to radically accept who are you are.

  5. The practice of self-responsibility. We need to take responsibility for creating our world. So much can feel out of your control and you may feel like you can’t do anything about it, but we need to take responsibility for what we can control.

  7. The practice of self-assertiveness. We may not feel that we’re worthy of setting boundaries or asserting our right to not be walked all over. Even if you don’t feel up to it, try hard to set boundaries and stand up for what you believe in.

  9. The practice of living purposefully. Do we wander through life fulfilling others wants and goals? We need to have our own sense of purpose instead of passively accepting other’s goals for ourselves. Ask yourself, “why am I here and what am I doing here?”

  11. The practice of personal integrity. More than being a person of integrity, this pillar specifically relates to our feeling of wholeness, being true to oneself, and not denying parts of ourselves. It’s really about having integrity within.


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