Unsafe Thinking!

Author Jonah Sachs joins GutwiZdom to talk about his new book “Unsafe Thinking” and provides inspiration and a practical guide on how to truly think out of the box when we feel like we can’t, or don’t know how to.

In work and in life, we are constantly faced with rapid change. Some of us respond creatively to adapt to the change, and even help with creative break-throughs to make the change happen.  Yet, others feel more comfortable in the space of “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it”


Jonah Sachs, author of “Unsafe Thinking: How to be nimble and bold when you need it most” and the co-founder of Free Range Solutions, a brand and innovation company, joined Deidre and JG this week to chat about how anxiety can actually be fuel for creativity, as well as when to trust your gut instinct and when to challenge it.


Jonah interviewed over 100 rule-breaking innovators to find out what makes them tick, including a rock climber, a chess grandmaster, and an NBA coach, just to name a few and he shared some of his amazing “wiZdoms” with us. Check them out below and listen to our episode for more!




  • Embrace the change. When the world changes around us and challenges us to change, we tend to act and think the same way we always have.


  • Practice self-awareness. If we decide to look inward and challenge ourselves first, we use different parts of our brains and come up with ideas we may not have thought of before. You have to change yourself before you can change the world.


  • Challenge your intuition. Our intuition gets really good if you are making the same decisions over and over again, but if you change things up it’s hard for your intuition to adapt.


  • Better leaders are humble. Leaders are usually thought of as decisive, someone who always knows what to do, someone you want to follow. We are actually more likely to follow leaders that are humble and have more questions than answers.


  • Try something new. We become specialized in our routines. Do something you’re terrible at and change up the routine to become more creative. Push yourself to grow a little bit by trying something that you are interested in, but might not be very good at. Get out of your comfort zone!


  • Find a role model. Role models are so important because they change the way we think and we can identify with a person rather than an idea.


  • LISTENERS: How will you practice unsafe thinking? Share your experiences and “wiZdoms” with us! Either leave us a voicemail at 646-653-9278 or send us an email. We may talk about it - or we may even talk with YOU - on the air!


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