Get to know your host and co-host!

Helping clients through human capital management services, leadership development, and team building, Deidre and JG share timeless and timely business, career, and personal wisdom through media and speaking engagements

Deidre Koppelman

CEO PEAR Core Solutions

Leadership Development

Team Building

Behavioral Analytics

Thought leadership

20+ Speaking Engagements Annually

Jonathan Gassman (aka, JG)

CEO Gassman Financial

Third Generation CPA

Wealth Management

Strategic Counsel to families and individuals

Together, Deidre and JG, formed GutwiZdom Radio to provide practical lifestyle solutions for both personal and business lives!  Their WiZdoms are from the playground to the boardroom. 


“We are so grateful to have the opportunity to share real-life workplace dilemmas and provide solutions that listeners can take away and use immediately to improve both their professional and personal lives. - Deidre

“The opportunity to educate and impact others, with new ways of thinking and solving everyday challenges is an opportunity we take very seriously. - Jon