Leadership and Sacrifice (GutwiZdom Episode-001)



Everyone can – and should - be a leader in your organization.


We dedicate this episode to the heroic efforts of those that sacrificed their lives on September 11, 2001.


The leaders who unknowingly went to work that day to serve their companies and provide for their family.  The rescuers that were FDNY and NYPD proudly serving their city and the lives they took oaths to protect.  The bystanders of every shape, size and color who sacrificed their own needs to help others before themselves.


Everyday self-sacrifice is one of those characteristics that typically go unnoticed by many. And not often talked about. If you look at any great leader, you will see an individual that has sacrificed many times over, and probably never outwardly mentions their sacrifices. The definition of self-sacrifice in the dictionary is the giving up of one's own interests or wishes in order to help others or to advance a cause.


Not every sacrifice needs to be big and bold.  There are things we can do every single day to help someone in need.  Had a big lunch and couldn't finish it?  Give the rest away to someone who hasn't had a meal.  Better yet, try buying an extra meal one day with the intention of giving it away to someone you see who is homeless.  Rushing?  Late for a meeting?  Stop for another couple of minutes and hold the door open for somebody.  Have a friend at work that loves a particular snack that you do?  Don't buy the last one in the vending machine for yourself...buy it for your co-worker.


It's the small gestures of self- sacrifice that don't get published and rarely are heard about that, when done on a daily basis, make a difference to others.  Sure, maybe you were inconvenienced, but think of our heroes in the military.  Think about the victims of 9/11 and their families.  Surely a small gesture will also go a very long way and continue to remember the larger sacrifices made by others.


Leaders self-sacrifice daily.  In big and small ways.  Everyone can behave like a leader.  No matter what your title, position, gender, race or bank account shows.  


What small sacrifice will you make today?  We want to know so we can pay it forward.  Let us know your thoughts below or send us a message here!


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