What’s my Next Chapter? (GutwiZdom Episode-031)

Deidre and JG talk to special guest Dr. Andrea Gould-Marks about life’s transitions.


“The truth is we all have the ability to navigate difficult transitions and come through intact and even enhanced!  I’m devoted to helping you find your “vein of gold” --the compelling totem of your unique strength and power.  It is this vein of gold that is our life line in times of change!” – Dr. Andrea Gould-Marks


Dr. Andrea Gould-Marks is a lifespan psychologist, board certified in cognitive psychology.  She is an innovative entrepreneurial coach and her work with groups and individuals provides inspired guidance for people navigating crossroads personally and professionally. Dr. Andrea can be reached at andreagouldphd@lucidlearning.com or andrea@boomgoddessradio.com



Excerpted for Lucid Learning’s Curriculum for Navigating Change and Transition, 2017


  • Adjustment/adapting to change is RESILIENCY. It is like riding a wave!
  • There is no substitute for preparation! Like insurance for your financial life, or good health habits for your body, resiliency is a set of learned skills.
  • Practice with easy choice-full changes and observe yourself and others. Become aware of how other people navigate change, imitate and learn from them.
  • Ready, Set, Go!
  • We get hit with an impact from the outside- no control! Or the need for a change arises from our insides--- from our gut- over this we have some control.
  • Regardless of origin, transitions involve LETTING GO, and with that come a mix of consequences emotions and mixed feelings--- not to mention the reaction of others to us! Our equilibrium is upset and life is interrupted, DISRUPTED!
  • Crisis and chaos are part of the aftermath of impact and require us to have personal skills and a support system to negotiate these tumultuous times.
  • Crisis and chaos take energy, drain energy and ultimately give way to grief and some level of depression. This stage is called the abyss. Time in the abyss may be abysmal where life slows down and gives us time to feel and figure things out.
  • Ultimately, we only move on when we come to acceptance of our situation and begin to feel a shift to willingness… Most often this takes wise counsel and guidance—Reach out!
  • Now we’re at the upside of the curve where unexpected and surprising people and events enter our lives.
  • Once we are willing to be receptive, our sense of life from the inside and the outside. Often, it’s hard to see what comes first!
  • Document your journey by keeping a journal. There is no substitute for our own experience when it comes to being a role model for others, including your children and friends. 
  • Adapting to change is the hallmark of intelligence. Appreciate your learning curve and be willing to share.  Remember, we are all in this together! 


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