Work-Life Balance (GutwiZdom Episode-034)

Deidre and JG talk about how to achieve a more successful balance in your life.



How do you maintain a balance between your life and your work? The notion of balance assumes that work and life are on two opposite ends of a scale, as if we are either working or we have a life. Some folks are changing the term to work-life integration or work-life flexibility. Finding that “balance” can be challenging and 46% of HR leaders say that employee burnout is responsible for up to half of their annual workforce turnover. Follow our wiZdoms below to control what you can and lead a more balanced life!




  • Realize that you can’t always give to every aspect of your life equally.
  • Be deliberate with how we water and grow each part of our lives.
  • Plan for practice days, game days, and rest days.
  • Have a “no regrets policy” for yourself and fill your calendar with non-negotiables.
  • Let go of perfectionism! There is no way that we can be perfect in everything we do.
  • Limit the time-wasting activities. Time is a gift – and we don’t have a lot of it.
  • Change old habits and create new ones. Focus on the things and people that you value the most.
  • Business owners: Try offering the work-from-home 1x week, or eliminating strict office hours. If the work is getting done, let people be responsible for themselves. More productivity and engagement will come when employees are given the ability and empowerment to do what they need to do in their way.



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