Graduation (GutwiZdom Episode-036)

Deidre and JG discuss life after graduation and how to stand out from the crowd.


It’s graduation season and those that are graduating might be struggling to find their way. It’s tough to set yourself apart from the rest of the crowd, but when you know how to show employers that you have high empathy or that you’re compassionate and like to empower others, you can showcase the leadership skills they’re looking for!


Here are some wiZdoms for recent graduates entering the job force!



  • Increase your self-awareness – The more you know about yourself, the faster you can get to where you want to go. The first step is always self-awareness.
  • Take some assessments - We use assessments to help you learn the right vocabulary to use in an interview and articulate your strengths better. Check out for more information.
  • Work on your confidence – Knowing what you’re good at gives you confidence, and that is what employers are looking for.
  • Find yourself a mentor – Having a mentor is so important to have in the early stages of your career. They can give you great advice and help you network with others.
  • Be a good listener – Good communication is all about listening! Learn how to take direction and ask questions when you need to.
  • Try taking a gap year – Still don’t know what you want to do? Adventure, learn a new culture, get real life experience, become more independent.
  • Educate yourself on resume and interview etiquette – Check out My Success Platform’s free E-Books here.


How did you find your way after graduation? Let us know by leaving us a voicemail at 1-646-653-9278 or sending us a message here.


You can also learn how we help job seekers, employers, and employees by visiting My Success Platform and PEAR Core Solutions.



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