Live Event: GutwiZdom for the Entrepreneur! (GutwiZdom Episode-037)

Deidre and JG were joined by special guests for this lively and helpful discussion on all things that touch on being an entrepreneur, and a good one at that!


Deidre and JG were joined at the WCBS Adorama Theater in NYC by a powerful panel of special guests for this lively and helpful discussion on interesting aspects about the life of an entrepreneur. The lineup of guests:

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What is your definition of an Entrepreneur?

  • Tony:An entrepreneur takes a 3 pointer instead of a lay-up. The entrepreneur assumes all responsibilities, risks, and finical obligations - as well as the benefits.“
  • Brian: “Entrepreneurs live to work. Small business owners work to live. When faced with a fork in the road, a small business owner will always go left and look at things as purchases, Entrepreneur’s go right and see things as investments.“
  • Laura:People who HAVE to work for themselves. To a certain extent, they are unemployable! They have to call their own shots, make their own decisions, be their own boss. “

What is a WiZdom that can help others to be better at being an Entrepreneur?

  • Laura: “Get really good at connecting with people and building a team. Find people who will work for you and will work just as hard as you. Communicate your passion and get people excited and driven to reach those goals together.“
  • Tony: “Hire the right people. They may even have more passion or be smarter than you. Humble yourself. Take initiative to ask questions and do your research. “
  • Brian: “Have a GPS plan for your business. This starts with a strategic plan. Set goals that are specific, measurable, and attainable. Don’t say yes to everything.”

What have you done in the past when the chips were down and you were at your lowest? What did you do to recover?

  • Brian: “Gratitude, your knowledge, and relying on others for help. “’The only security you will ever need in your life is between your ears’” - Grace Moran (Brian’s Mother!)
  • Tony: “You have to be resourceful and fueled by passion. Passion is the only thing that is going to feed you when you are hungry, it is your fuel. I learned how to cook to recover!“
  • Laura: “Connecting with faith and family. They are stability and a resource. I reflect on what really matters and what things are really about.“

What is one WiZdom you can share on taking chances?

  • Tony: “You have to take a chance and just do it.“
  • Laura: “You have to have a lot of ‘at bats’ to hit a home run.“
  • Brian: “Calculated risks. The more you plan, the better your chance for success.“


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