WiZdoms for Wellness (GutwiZdom Episode 047)


Dr. Michael Gelb joins GutwiZdom this week to talk about the importance of sleep.

Dr. Michael Gelb is a best-in-class, NYC-based expert in the subject of sleep. Dr. Gelb has earned the prestigious award of Top Doc New York® multiple years in a row and is the author of GASP: Airway Health- The Hidden Path to Wellness.


To reach Dr. Gelb at The Gelb Center, you can email office@gelbcenter.com or call 212-752-1662. In fact, if you contact The Gelb Center soon and mention this episode of GutwiZdom, you can get a discounted sleep consultation and a signed copy of Dr. Gelb’s book! Don’t wait, though, this is a limited time offer.


For this very special episode, Dr. Gelb explored how important sleep is to your health, and even to your success (both personally and professionally). Dr. Gelb even explored JG’s sleep patterns as well as that of our executive producer, Kenya Gipson. Through this discussion and so much more, Dr. Gelb presented to us a subject that is very personal to everyone – we all sleep (or, at least try)!! We know that you’ll learn a lot from this episode. Even if you don’t have time to listen to the full episode, check out some WiZdoms from Dr. Gelb below, and start sleeping better now!!




On snoring (or sleep disordered breathing) and your performance while awake…

If you’re not getting restful sleep, you’re not going to be able to concentrate well, your memory will start to go, and you will have a hard time focusing. When we are getting restful sleep, or enough time in stage 3 restorative sleep, our cells are being repaired, we’re getting human growth hormone, and our day-to-day work performance improves. Health and wellness isn’t only about diet and exercise. Sleep, rest, and relaxation are also important.


On the relationship between lack of sleep and anxiety, depression, or your mood…

Sleeping with a closed airway can feel like you’re being strangled all night. Your well-being and survival is being threatened. It’s very common to see patients with generalized anxiety or worry, but after 2 weeks of opening the airway, anxiety is 50% better once you take the threat away. Lack of sleep can be a cause of anxiety or depression and people that are on medication may be able to get off the medication if they start getting a better night’s sleep.


On diagnosing sleep problems…

The Gelb Center uses the STOP BANG test:

  • S – Do you snore?
  • T – Are you tired?
  • O – Are you overweight?
  • P – Do you have high blood pressure?
  • B – What is your BMI?
  • A – Age?
  • N – Neck size?
  • G – Gender?


On sleep and memory…

A lot of people start forgetting things in their thirties. We have to start preventing memory loss earlier by treating sleep disorders now before it’s too late. There is a system in the brain that removes toxins in the brain only when you sleep. If you want a brain that works well, you need to take these toxins out.


On sleep disorders and children…

We believe that 60% of kids that are on medication for ADD don’t need to be on medication, but instead they need their airways open. If they’re not getting enough oxygen to their brain at an early age, it is going to affect attentiveness, peer to peer collaboration, or aggressiveness. When you make the airway bigger, it can fix all these issues. There is an answer out there that might not require medication.


Don’t forget - contact The Gelb Center soon at office@gelbcenter.com or call 212-752-1662 and mention this episode of GutwiZdom to get a discounted sleep consultation and a signed copy of Dr. Gelb’s book! This is a limited time offer, so reach out now!!


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