Music IS Entertainment (GutwiZdom Episode 048)


Music industry guru, Issy Sanchez, joins Deidre & JG this week.

Issy Sanchez has been surviving and thriving in the music industry for over 40 years. Issy is the President of Music IS Entertainment, where he has worked with some of the most influential artists in history.


Issy started his music industry journey at age 16 when he attended college early and was accepted into a minority internship program at CBS in the product management department. From there, he moved on to working at Atlantic Records as the Head of the Dance Department during the height of the disco era.


Listen to our episode to hear Issy share his years of “wiZdom” and for takeaways on working in a highly competitive industry!




  • Never say no to anything that’s asked of you. Take every opportunity available. If you get it wrong the first time, make sure you get it right the second time.
  • Find a person in your industry you look up to. For Issy, this person valued his opinion and always gave him the opportunity to collaborate on ideas.
  • Relationships are key in any industry. The relationships you make in business can make or break you. People always remember how you treat them.
  • Value your clients. Repeat clients mean repeat business, so make sure you are always servicing your clients to the best of your ability.
  • Pace yourself. Even if you’re passionate about the work you do, it can still be very demanding and stressful. Don’t get caught up in the “glamour” of being a business owner.
  • Don’t be afraid of change. “Those who cease to change in a changing environment will cease to exist.” Change happens across every industry and to be successful, you have to adapt.
  • Don’t take anything too personal. Success and failure cannot be taken personally. Take the good with the bad, be humble, and take criticism.
  • Trust your gut! Chances are, when you first started out in your industry, you had to rely on your gut instincts to make tough decisions. As you continue to grow, don’t forget to use your “gutwiZdom” as a tool.


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