October 4, 2016

Corporate Training

Want to spread the Wizdom to your employees?

The subjects we talk about on air are frequently inspired by the real-life challenges faced by our clients. We know that these issues are real, and that they can hold a company back from recognizing real success. We bring leadership and team training to our clients to raise the leadership skills of employees at all levels of an organization, increase workplace effectiveness, and ultimately increase your bottom line! 


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Just a few examples of training we provide:
Many more subjects are available! Contact us to learn more!


Drama in The Workplace
More workplaces than you can possibly imagine are plagued by never-ending drama. It's a time sucker, a productivity killer, and it lowers the engagement and morale of all employees. We'll teach employees to recognize the signs of a drama triangle, how to get out of one, and how to turn the triangle upside down and empower themselves and others.


Anger and Conflict Management
There may not be employees throwing wastebaskets or screaming at each other on a daily basis, but you can be sure that there are probably conflicts and anger issues at work in your workplace. We provide strategies for productively handling conflict and emotions, and not letting stressful situations get the best of anyone.


Emotional Intelligence
Emotional Intelligence is increasingly understood to be the foundation of success in leadership, teamwork, and workplace effectiveness. We explore subjects such as recognizing and managing emotions, and how emotional intelligence lead to better working relationships which lead to better results!



Our training workshops:


  • are applicable to employees at ALL levels of an organization
  • cover a wide variety of topics that employees will find both engaging and immediately applicable to their every day work lives
  • are available in half- or full-day formats, as quick lunch-and-learns, as well as for offsite-retreats
  • are priced to be well within reach of small to mid-sized businesses and in any industry


Your employees will benefit from raising their leadership skills, and your company will benefit from increased effectiveness and productivity!  Give us a call at 646-653-9278 or send an email to info@gutwizdom for more information. Your company has everything to gain by taking this important step!