November 4, 2016

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Hear Deidre and JG live, Saturday nights at 7pm on WCBS Newsradio 880 (click to live stream from any device)!




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All episodes are available below as streaming podcasts.  Click and listen now!!

Radio the Resonates: Bully Bosses Bruise Big Time - 10/29/2016


Radio the Resonates: EQ over IQ (Pt. 2): Emotional Intelligence & Life Success (with a subway ride) - 10/22/2016


Radio the Resonates: EQ over IQ (Pt. 1): Emotional Intelligence & Life Success (with marshmallows) - 10/15/2016


Radio the Resonates: You're Hired, You're Fired - 10/08/2016


Radio the Resonates: Conflict and Anger Management - 10/01/2016


Radio the Resonates: The Drama Triangle 9/24/2016


Radio the Resonates: National Big Whopper Liar Day - 9/17/2016


Radio the Resonates: Self Sacrifice and Leadership - 9/10/2016